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The Youth Money Camp was established in 2015. Campers who attend are taught basic principles of money management. Camp attendees are age 13 to 18. Their curriculum consist of learning how money works from the creation to the spending. The campers learn the principles, philosophies, and strategies of spending, saving and investing. They learn to budget their money and how to build excellent credit, management it, and use it to create wealth. Their investment curriculum is built around terminology, understanding the Rule of 72 and how they may start investing early to become a millionaire during their retirement years.

Additional camp training includes teaching them to use their gifts and talents to build income as an entrepreneur.

We do not leave out the opportunity to plug in the importance of education and higher learning through college and technical degrees or trade school.

Before they leave the 2 to 3 day camp, they will have the basic foundation to continue to produce a healthy lifestyle well beyond their teenage years.

The S.A.F.E. Center loves giving children an opportunity to grow outside of their normal environment. So, we give them an opportunity to grow their education off campus and at a speed in which they are not threatened by competition among their peers.

So, we produce a series of e ducational workshops, seminars, and webinars that include the following: ACT Camp, Praxis Camp, Tutoring, College & Career Training, Resume Building, Job Training, & more.

We stay in touch with area opportunities and build a connection to give instructions and directions to children who are looking for those opportunities.



The S.A.F.E. Center is balanced. We want the communities we serve to win. Therefore we prepare health and wellness opportunities for all ages which includes the following:

Retirement Conferences

Money Management Seminars

Insurance & Burial Information Workshops

Health & Wellness

Job Training


Student Loan/Financial Aid

Gardening and More

Our goal is to meet the need of the community.




Revival Center COGIC, Monticello, AR

Tabernacle Church, Dermott, AR

Shekinah Services, Monticello, AR

Shekinah Services, LLC, Monticello, AR

Ann's Connection, Monticello, AR

BAC Enterprises, Monticello, AR

CALLEN Services, Monticello, AR

Sword Financial Services, Monticello, AR

La Brittini & Jamaal Jones, Monticello, AR

Union Bank of Monticello, AR

Citizen's Bank of Monticello, AR

Edward D. Jones, Monticello, AR

Cut Above - owners Daryle & Tocarra Daniels

Breaker Drive-In, Monticello, AR

Mazzio's Pizza, Monticello, AR

Pizza Hut, Monticello, AR

Monticello Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Bank of Monticello, AR

Simmons First Bank of Monticello, AR

McDonald's of Monticello, AR

Sonic Drive-Inn of Monticello, AR

Arkansas Superior Federal Credit Union

Walmart Supercenter of Monticello, AR

Holiday Inn Express of Monticello, AR

Monticello Live of Monticello, AR

Divine Solutions of Monticello, Ar

Bank of Lake Village, Lake Village, AR

BJ & JJ Tree Service, LLC, of Lake Village, AR

Pauline Baptist Church, Monticello, AR

Morning Star Baptist Church, Monticello, AR

Central Community Church, Lake Village, AR

Marilyn Vincent, Monticello, AR

Walmart Supercenter of Monticello, AR

Drew County Boys & Girls Club

Lakeside Teacher's Association, Lake Village, AR

Trinity Full Gospel, Monticello, AR

Anita Riley, Monticello, AR



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