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The Southeast Arkansas Financial Education Center, Inc, mission is to engage, enrich and empower families for financial success, fulfilling careers, healthy lifestyles and well-balanced relationships.


The Southeast Arkansas Financial Education Center, Inc. will provide budgeting and financial management workshops, health and wellness programs, career/job development, mentoring, tutoring, life skills training, computer classes, child care and enrichment education for the entire family. This non-profit will also offer family activities to improve relationships and overall emotional, physical & spiritual health.

Community Enrichment Events & Interactive Family Workshops:


*Spending and Saving



*Performance Arts

*Intra-/Inter-Personal Relationships

*Small Group & 1:1 Guidance

*Leadership & Career Development

*Conflict Resolution


*Budgeting and Couponing

*Successful Living (life Skills)

*Computer & Technology Training

*Summer/After School Tutoring & Mentoring

*Health, Wellness, Fitness & Nutrition

*Professionalism & Business Etiquette

*Anger Management Stress

*College Prep Tutoring


The S.A.F.E. Center, Inc. was founded by Clarissa Pace, a local resident who saw the need to enrich her community with information that may normally be costly to obtain. She named Dr. Christopher Allen as the director of the center in 2016. Dr. Allen and his staff are eager to serve the Southeast Arkansas Community and abroad. "In the last 10 years, American families have had a demand to become more wholesome and effective in our society. We are just glad our founder saw the need early enough to get a head start," states Dr. Allen.

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